She raced through the streets, breathless as she kept just ahead of the angry mob behind her. Her small feet pounded on the street, nearly silent compared to the cacophonous thundering of the countless racing feet behind her. She turned a corner and found herself in a dead-end alleyway.
     I'm dead! She thought frantically as she stared at the walls surrounding her. She briefly entertained the notion of using parkour to climb them, but she had never even tried it before and she would likely just end up breaking her neck.
     She turned to the mouth of the alleyway, maybe it would be like in cartoons where the good guy turns down a side passage just in front of the bad guys and they somehow miss it and continue running straight ahead like morons. No luck, the angry crowd had already surged into the alley.
     She looked at the large group covered in red paint and chicken feathers, worst prank idea, ever.


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