Narrative 1

The forest was dark all around Shidou as she lazily kicked her feet through the cool, calm water. She knew that she should be heading home soon, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull her feet out of the small pond. Sure, her mom might get on her case about it later, but to the little ten-year-old’s mind, the decision to stay and have a good time won out over going to sleep any day.
She peered through the dark water when something caught her eye; it was a stone, and a fairly large one at that. Excited, Shidou pulled it out of the water and squinted closely at it. The moon was waning, so it was fairly difficult to get a good look at it. But from what Shidou saw, it looked like the stone was a slab of obsidian, and she became extremely happy. Obsidian was valuable; she could make money for herself out of it.
The water caressing her small feet suddenly became very agitated, and if one looked closely, they could almost swear they saw a face form out of it.
“Granny Aqua, what is it?” Shidou …

Anthropomorphism story

"What?!" She pulled her ears back and fluffed up her tail. "How dare you say that!" She hissed at her friend. "Humans are terrible! why do you want to be one?!"

He growled back at her, "They live their lives without fear, all their kids grow up to be adults, and they don't have to worry that a hawk will try to eat them every time they step outside!"

"They also toss their garbage into the river without ever considering the consequences! They drive their cars down paved roads and scare away all of our prey! They destroy the planet to fuel their greed and sloth!" She flexed her claws. "Why would you want to do that to anyone!"

"Because then I could eat a steady meal without having to hunt for it! Why don't you understand? Life is too hard here!"

"Life should be hard! It should be a struggle to survive! That's why it is valuable! If you don't understand that, then go drown in the river, I don't …

Meet-cute scene

Erin: (Falls and scrapes her knee) Ugh. How annoying.

Jake: (Hurries over) Is everything alright?

Erin: (Gets up) I'm fine, don't worry about me. (Walks away)

Jake: (Mumbles) Sorry for caring.

Erin: (Turns around) Were you talking to me?

Jake: No.

Erin: Oh, I thought you were. (Turns away and promptly trips) Not again!

Jake: Do you need a hand?

Erin: I told you I'm fine. Stop caring about me!

Jake: (Worried) Why shouldn't I care about you if you're hurting yourself?

Erin: I don't even know you!

Jake: Fine then. My name is Jake. What's yours?

Erin: What do you want?

Jake: To be friends. Come on, I gave you my name, can you please tell me yours?

Erin: (Sighs) Erin.

Jake: Great, now that we know each other, can you tell me why you keep tripping over?

Erin: That's none of your business!

 Jake: Whoa, settle down. I didn't mean anything by it.

Erin: If you must know, it's because I don't have a very good sense of balance. Something about my ear fl…


She raced through the streets, breathless as she kept just ahead of the angry mob behind her. Her small feet pounded on the street, nearly silent compared to the cacophonous thundering of the countless racing feet behind her. She turned a corner and found herself in a dead-end alleyway.
     I'm dead! She thought frantically as she stared at the walls surrounding her. She briefly entertained the notion of using parkour to climb them, but she had never even tried it before and she would likely just end up breaking her neck.
     She turned to the mouth of the alleyway, maybe it would be like in cartoons where the good guy turns down a side passage just in front of the bad guys and they somehow miss it and continue running straight ahead like morons. No luck, the angry crowd had already surged into the alley.
     She looked at the large group covered in red paint and chicken feathers, worst prank idea, ever.

Experiment #1

She sat on the swing, gently swaying back and forth, her ears deaf to the raucous sound of squealing children, and to their parents' frequent calls to be careful. She only had ears for one thing, and one thing only.
     "'I'm sad, and I really hope that the rose bush over there starts reading my mind again. I really need someone to talk to.'" the rose bush announced.
     "Yeah, pretty much." she said drearily.
     "'Oh yay. Someone's finally talking to me.'" the rose bush continued.
     The girl smiled, her day was already brightening, she loved that rose bush dearly, it was her best friend.
     "Oh for the love of God, I can't take it anymore!" the rose bush declared.
     The girl quickly whirled her head to face the bush, "I wasn't thinking that!"
     "Yes you were," the rose bush said, "I'm here to read the minds of kids having fun, not an angsty seventeen-year-old w…